Fairytale Occasions also offers an alteration and repair service, and dress steaming service. Detailed below is a rough price guide for alterations which are all undertaken in house, but these may vary according to the work involved.


If you are looking to get a garment altered whether a wedding dress or a pair of trousers then we can help.
We offer a full alteration service and pricing is detailed below. There is nothing we have been unable to accomplish yet, and will do our best to achieve the desired look you require.

Whether you need a consultation to discuss your requirements prior to any alterations or are looking to arrange some alterations then we charge £15 for an appointment to cover our time and valuable advice (30 mins), alternatively this can be a 30 min Virtual Appointment if you prefer. The alteration appointment fee is refundable against your alterations at the time, but not for an advice appointment as this is a payment for our time and invaluable advice. The appointment fee is non refundable if the appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the appointment or no further appointment is required.

We can also steam your dress for the big day or even your bridesmaids should you just wish to get the creases out.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to book your appointment or should you have any other dressmaking requirements that are not listed as we can discuss this with you and provide a solution. Steaming pricing on request.

Please note if you require a Saturday alteration appointment then there are 9am, 9.30am, 5pm or 5.30pm only slots available.

Trousers £28
Trousers with Turn up or Tape £34
Lined Trousers £38
Children’s Trousers Under 10 £23
Skirts & Dresses £29
Lined Skirts & Dresses £41
Shortening Shoulders or Straps on Dresses £31
Shortening Children’s Dresses £26
Shortening Children’s Lined Dresses £38
Shortening Coats or Jackets £55
Shortening Coat or Jacket Cuffs £45
Shortening Shirts £30
Shortening Shirt Sleeves or Cuffs £39-£49
Flower Girl Dresses Under 13 £24 per layer
Prom and Bridesmaid Dresses £28 per layer
Cutting Netting in Bridesmaid & Flower Girl Dresses 21 per layer
Wedding Dresses £47 per layer
Cutting Netting in Wedding Dresses £31 per layer
Wedding Dress Lace Hem £95-£160 per layer
Wedding Dress Braid Hem £140
Shortening Wedding Dress Shoulder or Straps £49
Sides of Trousers £32
Sides of Lined Trousers £44
Sides of Childrens Trousers Under 10 £26
Sides of Dresses £35
Sides of Lined Dresses £47
Sides Lined Dresses with Boning or Zip £57
Sides of Childrens Dresses Under 10 £26
Sides of Tops £28
Sides Of Lined Tops £38
Sides of Skirts £35
Sides of Lined Skirts £45
Sides of Childrens Skirts Under 10 £24
Sides of Jackets and Coats £50
Sides of Lined Jackets and Coats £65
Sides of Flower Girl Dresses Under 10 £34
Sides of Flower Girl Dresses with Boning or Zip Under 10 £46
Centre Back of Flower Girl Dress with Zip Under 10 £30
Sides of Prom or Bridesmaid Dresses £55
Sides of Prom or Bridesmaid Dresses with Boning or Zip £65
Sides of Wedding Dresses without Boning £110
Sides of Wedding Dresses with Boning, Zip or Lace Motifs £150
Centre Back of Wedding Dress Moving Zip £75


Trouser Zip up to 12″ £35
Childrens Zip up to 12″ £35
Skirt Zip up to 12″ £35
Dress Zip up to 16″ £40
Dress Zip up to 22″ £45
Jacket Zip up to 22″ £55


Hook & Eye £17
Hook & Loop £21
Beads or Sequins Price on request
Adding Netting Price on request
Repairs Price on request
Lowering Necklines Price on request


  • All alterations will commence when a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions is received, together with a 50% order fee of the full price of the alterations.
  • Quotes are based on information available at the time the quote is given. Changes made after the quote given may require extra work and therefore incur extra costs.
  • A complete set of measurements is taken during the initial order, and the garment is will be altered to these measurements. Where a weight loss plan/recent illness is a factor, please let me know so I can accommodate accordingly.
  • If patterns and materials are supplied it is the client’s responsibility to ensure they are suitable for the intended purpose. We reserve the right to refuse to work with unsuitable materials.
  • Patterns supplied by the client should correspond to their actual measurements. Where the wrong sized pattern is bought extra charges will be added for the redrafting of patterns. Failing that the client will be asked to supply a more suitable pattern.
  • A 30-minute fitting in our boutique is charged at £15 minimum. This however is refundable against your alterations on the day or at a later date. The appointment fee is non refundable if the appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the appointment or no further appointment is required. Please arrive on time for your appointment. We appreciate that sometimes delays happen, but if you are more than 15 mins late the £15 fee will be retained and a new appointment at an alternative date and time will have to be provided, as this causes unfair delays for the next customers appointment. There will be a new fee of £15 for the new appointment, but only £15 will then be refundable against the alterations, and the initial £15 fee retained to cover lost time.
  • Please note that due to space restrictions on our premises and safety measures due to covid-19 you can only be accompanied by ‘1 Star Guest’ to your appointment.
  • Please bring the underwear you intend to wear on your wedding day or special occasions outfit to your first and subsequent fittings; the correct bra is essential as the dress will be fitted around it. Shoes must also be brought in if the dress needs to be hemmed. If this is not possible, please at least bring shoes of the same height. In this case, please note we will require you to sign a disclaimer for any work carried out on the hem length.
  • Please allow minimum of 8 weeks for our service; we will, however, do our upmost to accommodate your needs. Simpler alterations can be completed within one month.
  • We reserve the right to charge an additional express fee of 25%. This fee is effective for work requiring completion within one week, or one week between fittings if multiple are required such as sides & hem alterations and for anything less than 8 weeks.
  • On the payment of your final total, you will be required to sign a form stating that you have inspected your garment fully and are satisfied with the work that has been completed. All payments are final.